Maestría en Administración y Planificación Urbana (MUAP)

The Seoul Metropolitan Government and University of Seoul (SMG-UOS) jointly offer a master degree program of urban planning and administration, especially designed for public officers of cities from developing countries. It aims to enable public officers to enhance their ability to improve quality of their citizens' lives by providing world-class theoretical knowledge and Seoul's practical development experiences.

Vigencia | del 01 Abril 2021 al 15 Abril 2021
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  • August 2021 – August 2023 (25 months)

  • On-campus Education: Students will take courses for 13 months (Aug. 2021-Aug. 2022) in the International School of Urban Sciences, University of Seoul

  • Off-campus Education: Students will prepare a thesis for 9 months (Sep. 2022-May 2023) in his/her home country and submit a completed thesis by June 2022

  • Master’s degree will be granted in August 2023


  • To train mid-career public officials who specialize in city planning and urban administration by learning Seoul´s successful development cases and experiences. 

  • To give opportunities to experience Korean culture and to learn language that can increase students’ understanding of Korea

  • To develop a basis for collaborative relations between Seoul and its sister cities

Hosting Institution

International Urban Development Program (IUDP), International School of Urban Sciences (ISUS), University of Seoul



Financial Support

The Following expenses will be covered by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the University of Seoul:

  • Tuition & Dormitory fees

  • Economy class, round-trip airfare between Seoul and the Participant´s home country

  • Textbook and materials

  • Monthly living allowance based on SMG regulations

Dirigido a

Public officers of cities from developing countries.


Applicant Qualification

  • Foreign nationals whose parents are both foreign nationals

  • Applicants who have excellent command of both spoken & written English

  • Applicants who are in good health

Career Qualification

  • Governmental officials who experienced more than 3 years and under 40-year-age

  • College graduates or those with equivalent degrees



Mr. Gumin Jung, / / +82 2 6490-5197